sfFreeFrame is a collection of open source visual plugins for FreeFrame 1.5 compatible hosts. This means they can be used for live visual performance using programs like Resolume Avenue, VDMX, MaxMSP/Jitter and more. New plugins and bug fixes are released periodically. To stay informed of new releases, you can subscribe to the sfFreeFrame RSS Feed.

sfFreeFrame Beta is currently available for Mac OSX and Windows. This is a beta version so please submit bug reports if you have any issues with the plugins (requires you to create a sourceforge account). Thanks and enjoy.

Download sfFreeFrame 0.5

Windows Users: Some user's have mentioned receiving errors stating "you don’t have zlib.dll on your system". You can find a work around for this issue here. I will continue to work a simpler solution to this problem so you don't need to change your Windows environment path directly. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks to James Henry for this work around.

sfFreeFrame plugins are developed by Marc Wren / soul-fresh.com. For more information about FreeFrame please visit freeframe.sourceforge.net/.



The following plugins are provided as part of sfFreeFrame. Use the values in parenthesis as an example of one of the many interesting settings you can use.


A set of rings spin around a central axis creating an undulating ring. (Music by soul-fresh)



An angular shape is created from a set of points that move and rotate in response to your music. (Music by soul-fresh)



A set of circles are arranged around a center point and track beats in your music. (Music by Moongold)



A branch grows continuously from the center of the screen and grows additional branches in response to your music. (Music by Moongold)



  1. Download an sfFreeFrame bundle and unzip it somewhere on your computer.
  2. Point your favorite A/V software to the sfFreeFrame plugins folder or drop the plugin files in the video effects folder for your A/V software.

with Resolume Avenue

  1. Open Resolume Avenue and open the preferences display.
  2. In the preferences display, go to the Video tab and click on the + button to add a new FX Plugin folder.
  3. Once the plugin folder has been added, restart Resolume Avenue.
  4. Once Resolume has restarted, you should see sfFreeFrame plugins in the Effects and Sources tabs of the content browser area. sfFreeFrame plugins will all be named sf* so you can easily find them.

with other A/V products

Please see the instructions distributed with your software or ask the software provider for help.


  1. sfFreeFrame projects are built using OpenFrameworks. To start, checkout or download a copy of OpenFrameworks.
  2. Next checkout the folder https://sffreeframe.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/sffreeframe/cpp/freeframePlugins/trunk/ into the addons folder inside the version of OpenFrameworks you previously downloaded. You can name this folder anything you like but it's important that you end up with the following folder "path/to/openframeworks/addons/sfFreeFrame/sfColorRings".
  3. Make files are provided that should work out-of-the-box on Mac OSX and should also work with MingW on Windows. The make files haven't been tested on Windows using MingW so you may need to do some teaking. Otherwise, there are Visual Studio project files if you prefer that and XCode project files are coming soon for OSX users.


If you find any issues or bugs with sfFreeFrame, please submit a bug report. If you would like to help contribute to sfFreeFrame, please contact me through sourceforge.